Buying Home or Property

What to Look For When Buying a Home

Buying a good Vastu and FengShui house is really an enthralling experience. Even though it can easily overwhelm and intimidate you, however you do look for a good house- nice looking and big enough for your family. You pick the right location with all kinds of amenities. You avoid overpriced houses, look for bargains and deal with paper works.

But if all this leads to a Vastu and FengShui disaster what's the point in all your research?

You will be living in the house hopefully for a lifetime. So you would want a good Vastu and FengShui house that helps you pile up wealth and nurture great relationships and brings you good health, happiness and vitality. And having a great house means good luck flowing through out a life time. You will enjoy wealth, prosperity and fantastic relationships if you pick a home that is good according to Vastu and fengshui.

Step 1: Check house facing direction

You will need a good compass. Not just any other compass. In a normal compass you will find 4 primary directions that is north, south, east, west and 4 secondary directions North east, south east, north west and south west. So that's a total of 8 directions.

Step 2: Watch out your neighbourhood

The natural environment is very powerful. So even if your interiors suffer from feng shui mistakes, you don't need to worry if your home enjoys excellent feng shui landscaping and physical surroundings. But if the landscape is suffering from bad feng shui then even the most powerful feng shui items inside the home will be weak.

Is your house too near to rail roads? Keep your eyes out for cemeteries. Places of Worship, Hospitals and prisons. Are they too near to your house? Don't think they will bless you, they won't.

Do not live sandwiched between two buildings which dwarf your home. The buildings block any benevolent chi (energy) from flowing into your home.

Do not live too near to road flyovers which seem to cut into your home or the building that houses your apartment. The chi (energy) turns lethal. It's not a good vastu and fengshui home.

Do not live in a dead end. Here chi stagnates, and when you have problems, there will be no way out. It's not a good vastu and feng shui house.

Step 3: Poison Arrows towards Your Main Door

Anything tall right in front of your main door is bad news. This could take form of a single tree; the view in front of the house, especially directly ahead of the main door should not be blocked by any structure or hill for at least twice the length of the home. If your home faces such a building, try to change its orientation

A straight road facing your entrance is bad news. Are you living at a t junction or y junction? Or may be it's the cutting edge of a curved road. Watch out for any straight road facing your main door. If the road is curved then the energy slows down and becomes loving towards the home.

Any sharp object facing your main door is a poison arrow Look out for the neighbour's triangular roof line, the garbage across the road, single trees, lamp-posts, telephone-poles, street-signs pointing towards your door. These poison arrows are less severe. Block them off from view. Anything not facing your main door cannot harm you.

Step 4: Check the shape of the house

Are there any missing corners?

You must go for a regular shape house like a square or rectangle. A missing corner in an irregular shaped house is dangerous. Especially if either the North West or South West Corner. You can use mirrors or have bright lights at the area which is missing.

Also check if your house is sending poison arrows like triangular roof lines or sharp edge. If your neighbour uses a mirror it would rebound to your home.

Step 5: Watch out the floor plan

Are the kitchens and toilets visible from the entrance? Do you have toilets and kitchens in the two most important areas (North West or South west)? The worst house is where you have kitchen in the North West. All the heaven energy pours into the home from North West.

Next check if you have toilets above front door, living, dining room, bedroom or kitchens? Do you have kitchen below a bedroom, living, and dining room? That is also not a good Vastu and fengshui home